If, as the Holy Scriptures say, God created man and woman in His image and His likeness, that means that we are His Superior Consciousness, and if we are His Superior Consciousness, why do we act as unintelligent beings?

Intelligence is not about knowing how to invent machines or other things to modernize our ways. No! Not at all. Because all this is insignificant to God’s omniscience, He who created all things in the Universe.

Intelligence is to understand that we are ineluctably perfect and endowed with all the attributes and power of the Superior Consciousness.

The intelligent man knows the mysteries of creation; he knows that he is not subject to the law of cause and effect. He admits that his real place is within the higher dimensions. He refuses to be like those men who struggle between opposites. It is madness for him to see them so agitated. And for what purpose? He refutes all that does not resemble perfection.

You see, there are two kinds of men: the intelligent and the intellectual. No, do not be offended, that is the Truth.

The intelligent is blessed by God and tends towards perfection.

The intellectual is subjected to the law of cause and effect, a law that has been cursed by God for 2,000 years. He tends towards destruction.

If, for example, I analyze the scientific theories of intellectual men, I see that we descend from animals. But if I study the Holy Scriptures coming from intelligent men, I read: “All flesh (consciousness) is not the same flesh; but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of birds, and another of fish” (1 Corinthians 15-39).

So what do we chose?

Intelligent                                intellectual?

Perfection                                     imperfection?

Love                                           hatred?

Peace                                             war?

Health                                      sickness?

Abundance                                  shortage?

Joy                                             suffering?

Life                                                death?

Perfection does not depend on us; it is within. Where do we think this perfect world is? On another planet?

Certainly not! It is within us.

Man will be immortal when he understands that the world is immaterial and that its “material” appearance is sustained by God’s indestructible life.

If man was not destined to defeat death, why would the Scriptures say: “The last enemy to defeat is death…” That quotation reveals to the intellectual man that he must make the decision to abandon his mortal consciousness in order to reenter his immortal consciousness.

Where is our self-Love?

De we believe it is love when we inflict suffering on ourselves by transgressing the law of Love?

De we think it is love when we bury ourselves in our work to fill the void inside of us?

We are running from ourselves in all directions, trying to find ourselves in various physical satisfactions. But there again, where is Love?

De we love ourselves when we absorb negative imageries?

De we love ourselves when we consume products that soil our bodies, God’s temple?

Where is our Love?

In the exploration of space, in the empire of money, in the accumulation of things, in the seduction, where is it?

We do not love ourselves nor do we know how to anymore. We are locked in our intellectual cells, without Love, our life is without life.

Love all-knowing is the Creator of all things. Love knows that men, women and children are eternally perfect and can enjoy God’s Kingdom on earth. Love loves the life of God within each of us. Love is certain that within each being there is a great, wealthy source of intelligence. Love is greatly pleased by nature’s beauty.

So how much do we love ourselves?

How much do we love?

Loving is not an attempt to cure our symptoms by various means.

Loving is to eradicate imperfection within ourselves, by reentering the perfect consciousness of God, located in our brains (cortex).

We cannot heal all of mankind’s afflictions the intellectual way, that’s impossible. Today, we feed someone and tomorrow, somebody else will take his life. Do you see? The world of the ego is a cruel world. There we find those who have too much and those who do not have enough.

The whole structure of social, economic and political systems, along with that of religious doctrines, does not in any way govern the world’s nations. In reality, it is the divine law of retribution (God) that governs the individual, national and worldwide karma of all people. Those karma energies act with supreme authority in the individual unconscious of each man, each nation of the world so that each can harvest according to what was sown. This is why it is so difficult to improve the human condition without a real knowledge of the self and of the universe.

It is important to know that the will of the individual and universal unconscious is the executor of karma[1], and none can avoid it without the grace of God.

The law of retribution with its corollary, reincarnation, rules the physical, mental, vital and intellectual plane, and if man remains its subject, he will not free himself, but will destroy himself.

The only solution to stop the retribution of the karmic law is to renounce the dualistic consciousness.

[1] Karma = destiny

Date de dernière mise à jour : 12/02/2023