It is obvious that man finds it difficult to understand and accept that he alone is responsible for his own suffering. 

Of course, his responsibility is only indirect because in reality, he does not have a true grasp of the cosmos or himself.

And, to his great woe, man is overwhelmingly subjected to the law of retribution which rules over the lower plane.  But as long as he remains trapped inside the sphere of the consciousness of the dualistic self (individual and universal), he will be dominated by the obscuring power of God which continuously operates in this sphere, designed for the animal, vegetable and interstellar kingdoms. 

This obscuring power creates, in this intellectual state of consciousness, the notion of an individual consciousness.  This belief allows the consciousness of the universal ego filled with imperfect desires to enslave man's creative (psychical) spirit, in order to carry out its reign filled with pleasure, covetousness, ambition, suffering and death. 

All these states of consciousness are inherent to this universal imperfect consciousness but, in no way, do they belong to our true identity, because we are, in fact, perfect.  Unfortunately, within this sphere, man believes in the reality of these lower states of consciousness and wrongly becomes subjugated to them, which is why he necessarily develops a karma in the relative portion of his psyche (the Soul). 

These are causes which depend on man's perception of the outside world and on his inner acceptance of the concupiscent desires of the universal imperfect consciousness.

These causal elements add up to and develop what we call a personality (ego) in the psychical consciousness, in correlation with the contents of these causes.

Beings who have developed a relatively strong personality during their previous lives do not depend on the genetic code of their new parents, nor on their psychical state of consciousness (that which we call heredity).

The creative power of their karma elaborates a physical body according to the personality of their psychical body or Relative soul.  Their karmic consciousness is not required to draw creative elements from the karma of their father, their mother, their brothers and sisters and so forth.  Consequently, these beings share nothing in commonwith the rest of their family.  They stick out from the family unit and follow the path they have already traced during their past lives.

One must understand that on the psychical level each individual is a creative consciousness comprised of various positive and negative elements, depending on the propensities of the universal consciousness.  Regardless of the place or environment in which an individual becomes reincarnated, his psychical consciousness (the unconscious) expresses or triggers all the consequences of its contents.  And then, while he is fulfilling the experiences of all the causes written in his unconscious, he prepares his new karma (or destiny) for his next lives, up until the day he will spiritually abandon the dualistic consciousness.


Date de dernière mise à jour : 31/03/2021