Karma : Law of Retribution, The law of cause and effect

Without an enlightened vision of the omniscient Consciousness of the Superior Consciousness, mankind will be unable to understand, in its totality, the science of the Superior Plan. Without this true knowledge, the mystery of the law of retribution will remain obscured to most people who will claim the right to lead their fellow men.

The belief in karma came to the West via
India. Unfortunately, it is very widespread in the United States, and does great harm to the national unconsciousness. This forces men and women to struggle between this eternal duality.

We must absolutely understand that the law of retribution can be annihilated very quickly if we identify ourselves with the within Superior Consciousness ourselves. The consciousness of the Superior Plan is graced by God and does not come under the yoke of the law of retribution (the law of cause and effect) which is instaured in the cells of the unconscious.

All the Holy Scriptures reveal the way to liberation from the law of retribution.

The true messengers of God taught it to us.Unfortunately, the others fail to heed these teachings and many suffer needlessly and do not heal because they hold on to this misguided belief.

God is Love, Love heals and forgives all. Therefore, I do not see why God would punish beings because they make mistakes out of ignorance.

So let us stop seeing ourselves as sinners and let us learn to live in the heart of the Superior Consciousness within ourselves.

I will explain these things further in upcoming pages, but do know that we can always change our destiny. 

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