The transmigration of souls from one body to another


Beyond his corporeal envelope, man is made up of a cluster of consciousnesses, supported by the universal consciousness of the Holy Spirit.

Consciousness, which means that he exists on the visible (physical) plane when he appears in a new body and on the astral (psychical) plane when he has left his physical body.He lives first, as an incarnated consciousness and then, as a disembodied

An indeterminate number of Souls remain within the great psychical body of the astral plane as they wait to become reincarnated.  One should not believe that these souls are capable of intervening in our lives.  They cannot, because they are immersed in an unconscious inertia.  This is due to the law of retribution which determines the amount of time Souls have to wait for their reincarnation.  At the dualistic level, man has no power and yet, his ego gives him the illusion that he does hold some power, whereas in fact he is being subjugated by the imperfect consciousness that enslaves his creative spirit for a period of 14,400 years within every 24,000 year cycle.

The transmigration of souls from one body to another occurs during ascending and recessive ages (iron, bronze, silver, gold), that is during the atomic cycle of the solar revolution which lasts 24,000 years, and this cycle repeats itself eternally.

But these souls must become reincarnated in this era so that they may record new facts in their psychical bodies, in order to evolve during one of the subsequent solar cycles.  This situation causes general disharmony.  Currently, mankind is divided between Souls that are spiritually evolved and Souls that live in a state of primal obscurantism.


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