I wholeheartedly agree with Richard Gere's outrage at the atrocities taking place in Tibet.

    Men have no concept of the dramatic consequences produced by these acts of violence.  You must understand that they leave deep traumas in the unconscious of the victims.  These traumas often have a devastating impact on the psychical balance as well as the cellular metabolism of those who suffer from violence.  The family nucleus and the nation also become affected.  Unfortunately, these unconscious scars will hurt the futures of these beings over several lifetimes.  These traumas are not easily erased from the immortal memory of the relative part of the soul, the part that rules our destiny from life to life.  As the year 2000 approaches, it is utterly immoral that world powers should allow such monstrosities to take place in various countries, even though I do know that it is extremely difficult to elude the predestination of humanity.

    And yet, through the transcendence of Love, we can do it.  Every day, I pray for the liberation of mankind and the manifestation of our Higher Selves.  Under this condition only can we finally create a new world, freed from the misery created by the ignorance of true self-knowledge.

    Richard Gere's love for Tibet demonstrates a karmic attachment that can clearly bring great help to the Tibetan people.  Thanks to his prominent social position, he can express himself fully by saying loud and clear that the United States should accede more quickly to the wishes of the Dalai Lama.

    "He wants no vengeance.  He wants no prosecutions.  He harbors no malice.  He doesn't even demand the return of political sovereignty.  What he asks for is an honest and sincere exchange with China's rulers directed at the cultural and spiritual survival of the Tibetan nation.  He wants for his people the right to pray in peace, to express their cultural identity, to develop economically and spiritually, and to continue existing as a distinct and extraordinary people."

    Unfortunately, a long time may still pass by before this people will become free to fully achieve its cultural and spiritual identity.  (Each nation has a spiritual design that it must accomplish).

    Through a spiritual understanding of ourselves and of our world, we can clearly see how we can free ourselves from the insubordination of the negative states.  Our mistake is in believing that we possess a real decision-making power in world, national and personal affairs.  Men forget that the creation was manifested by God and therefore, everything is governed by the eternal Law of God who reigns over the consciousness of duality in ourselves (the ego).  It is God alone who can free a people enslaved by another people.

    To reach a world balance, man should abandon his material identity (subjected to the universal law of cause and effect) in order to espouse his true identity by expressing his higher Self.  He could thus eradicate all the world's problems and accomplish the relativism of his Soul.  He would no longer endure the relativity or the imperfect relativism of the lower consciousness (Ego) which subordinates his psychical being from life to life.

    But until man understands that in fact he is the spirit of God made matter, mankind will be divided between good and evil.  Thus, a spiritual nation becomes more vulnerable than others because, by praying daily, it attracts onto itself negative forces, because it remains, in spirit, within the consciousness of the duality.

    The Dalai Lama's stance of refusing to respond to violence is honorable both to himself and to his people.  It is true that the Holy Scriptures say that we should not overcome evil with evil, but exclusively by seeing God as capable of eradicating within ourselves our belief in the actual existence of a positive or negative power or of good and evil.  This is why the true understanding of our spiritual identity is very difficult to fathom as long as we continue to look inward whereas, in fact, everything is created and undone within us by the workings of the Creative Holy Spirit Incarnated in the multitude.

    I am also struggling (at my very small scale) to bring an end to the suffering of beings by teaching them how to achieve the design of the True Self so that they may express the Love, Harmony, Peace and Prosperity that reign eternal in the perfect consciousness of God (the Soul) located at the core of our being.

    Summarizing in a few words the mysteries of creation seems to me a difficult task.  But what I can say, is that evil or enslavement can disappear if we reintegrate the perfect consciousness of God by renouncing our dualistic egos.  It alone has the power to rapidly transcend evil through its Omniscient Love.

    Dear Richard Gere, our love for others compels us to accomplish a spiritual mission in order to emancipate beings oppressed by evil or their fellow men.  But you have an advantage.  Your fame gives you the right to be listened to while I must still be persistent and patient (I am not often heard) to get this message across of Love through the revelation of the mysteries of creation so that those who wish to return to God can do it in Love, Serenity, Peace and Prosperity.

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    I truly hope that all those who read this article will spend a few minutes everyday to visualize in their hearts the Tibetan people as free through the omnipotent power of God.  Thus, with Richard Gere, we will be able to help liberate this nation.  The Holy Scriptures say the following : "Act is if I were and I shall be."  (You can read Richard Gere's statement in "Message on Tibet" available on the Internet).



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